Tender construction special!

The tender base plate has been advanced to the point where it has been delivered to Crofton for Ian Howitt to pre-fit to the frames. It should be there for a fortnight after which it will return to North View to have the tank built up on it. Find out how to join The Tender Club here.

The tender frames start to come together at Ian Howitt’s Crofton Works – Nigel Facer

Although conditions are cramped Ian Howitt managed to build Tornado’s tender in the same space – Nigel Facer

Details of the spring hangers and tender tank brackets – Nigel Facer

Brake components ready for fitting to the tender chassis – Nigel Facer

The tender tank base plate at North View Engineering – Daniela Filova

One of the splashers built-in to the base plate – Daniela Filova

With the sump fabricated (in the space occupied by the water-scoop on No. 2001’s tender) the base plate was delivered to Crofton for trial-fitting to the frames at Ian Howitt’s works – Daniela Filova