Building the new Gresley class P2 No. 2007 Prince of Wales

The Gresley class P2 2-8-2 ‘Mikados’ were the most powerful express passenger locomotives to operate in the UK. They were designed by Sir Nigel Gresley to haul 600 ton trains on the arduous Edinburgh to Aberdeen route. Sadly, the design was never fully developed and they were rebuilt by his successor Edward Thompson into ungainly 4-6-2s in 1943/4, and scrapped by 1961.

As the builders of new main line steam locomotive No. 60163 Tornado, we have therefore decided to set ourselves a new challenge: to develop, build and operate an improved Gresley class P2 Mikado steam locomotive for main line and preserved railway use.

We will use the latest computer aided design and modelling techniques to realise the potential of the original design and estimate that No. 2007 Prince of Wales will cost around £5m to build over a 7-10 year period. As with Tornado, funds will be raised through regular monthly donations, donations dedicated to specific components, The Boiler Club, The Mikado Club, The Cylinder Club and commercial sponsorship.

We have the expertise, the track record and a plan…. But this can’t happen without you.

The sight that greeted covenantors at this year’s Convention – Mandy Grant


It’s that man again!  Unable to stay away from Darlington Locomotive Works, James May returned to Darlington Locomotive Works to fabricate another component for what he describes as a ‘whopper’ of a locomotive!  You can read the full story here.