Progress continues on many fronts, these images show a lot of effort being put into the frame stays, cab and sundry small parts.  All photos by David Elliott.

04191602 David Elliott

Cab beads temporarily bolted together – finished (above left), before machining (below right)

04191614 David Elliott

Steve Wood machining the cab beading

04191604 David Elliott

Cab roof components primed

04191605 David Elliott

Cartazzi hornblocks permanently installed

04191607 David Elliott

Exhaust injector control valve casting being machined at M Machine

04191611 David Elliott

Machined kit of parts for front bufferbeam draw hook spring block

04191608 David Elliott

Front drawhook spring block as fabrication

04191609 David Elliott

Inside motion bracket ready for machining

04191610 David Elliott

Intermediate frame stay ready for machining at North View

04191613 David Elliott

Rear frame stay nearing completion of welding at North View

04191615 David Elliott

Temporary smokebox saddle stay