Tender progress

The tender frames continue to make progress at I.D.Howitt’s works at Crofton, Wakefield. As the accompanying photos show, the adjustable brake pull-rods and tie bars between the lower ends of the brake hangers have been prepared for the coded welder, and Nigel Facer is close to completing the remaining brake pins.

Tender brake rods and tie bars tacked together for welding. – A1SLT

Milling a tender brake pin. – A1SLT

A machined tender brake turnbuckle. – David Elliott

The axleboxes have had their initial machining carried out in preparation for welding on the 11-14% manganese steel liners. This will then facilitate finish machining.

The partially machined tender axleboxes. – A1SLT

The tender axleboxes with liners welded on. – David Elliott

Profiles have been delivered for the 16 spring hooks.  Work is presently centered on completing the eight spring planks which fit between the springs and the tops of the axleboxes.