Boiler(s) update

Meiningen continues to make good progress with both the boiler for Prince of Wales and the spare for both engines (all photos by DB Meiningen unless stated).


The outer firebox is welded to the boiler barrel.

The firebox tubeplate is tried for size.

The inner firebox welded up.

A view of the firebox combustion chamber with the tubeplate welded in place.

The boiler shell in Meiningen’s X-ray room for weld checking.

A detailed image of some of the welded seams in the firebox.

An example of the X-ray output from this process.

A series of photos showing the machining of the boiler supports from solid steel.

Locomotive Maintenance Services at Loughborough were given the job of applying the bronze coating on the regulator cross shafts where they pass through the glands in the stuffing boxes. However, the first time they did this a number of gas bubbles formed in the bronze layer. Eventually after considerable experimentation with combinations of material, TIG welder and shielding, gas pressure has been achieved and the cross shafts are back at DLW enabling Ed Laxton to complete the machining of the stuffing boxes for the two new boilers.

The machined regulator stuffing box. – Leigh Taylor


The regulator cross shaft. – Daniela Filová

Since 2019’s announcement of the placing of a £1m order for two new Diagram 118 boilers from DB Meiningen (DBM) significant progress has been made on both boilers and assembly of the first boiler is nearing completion.  So far, The Boiler Club has received pledges of £450,000 (excluding Gift Aid) from 225 supporters – 75% of the 300 needed!

We are delighted to announce that our online donations system is now live on the P2 website for signing up as a P2 Covenantor, joining any of the P2 clubs and contributing to The P2 Support Coach Appeal. Please use this link to sign up to the Boiler Club online – help us reach our 300 members target!