Adding the whoa to the go!

We continue to accumulate brake rigging for the engine, with the two trailing brake hangers and brake stay trial fitted to the frames. The two brake cross shafts have been delivered and Ed Laxton machined their bronze bearing bushes to enable them to be fitted to the frames.  The six leading brake hangers are a complicated shape necessitated by the coupled wheels on the P2 being very close together leaving no room for conventional brake hangers. After some discussions it was decided to start with profiles from thick plate to achieve the rough shape followed by a lot of machining to achieve the finished product. An order was placed some time ago, however the contractor, having procured profiles and started the machining, had a change in circumstances which prevented him finishing them. Kindly the part-finished profiles have been donated to the project, and Triple T Engineering at Newton Aycliffe are presently in the process of CNC machining them to their finished state.  All photos by Daniela Filová.

One of the two trailing brake hangers and brake stay fitted to the frames.

Ed Laxton machining a brake cross shaft bronze bush.

Part-machined brake hanger profiles.

Brake shaft bush in position.

Brake shaft in position.

The brake shaft and actuating lever in place.