First boiler assembly

Since last year’s announcement of the placing of a £1m order for two new Diagram 118 boilers from DB Meiningen (DBM) significant progress has been made and assembly of the first boiler is well underway.

A visit to DBM was made by representatives of the Trust on Wednesday 28th October 2020. We are pleased to report that progress with both boilers continues and the work done to date is of a high standard, despite COVID-19 issues. Most of the detail components have been made and assembly of the first boiler is underway. The blanks plugging connections to the boiler, which are required for hydraulic testing, have been extracted from the stores at Darlington Locomotive Works (DLW) and sent to DBM.

Other boilers related progress to-date includes:

  • Boilers order placed with DB Meiningen for delivery in early 2021 (spare to go onto Tornado at next overhaul) and late 2021 (to go onto Prince of Wales)
  • Boiler detailed design study completed
  • DBM completed detailed redesign of the banjo dome to ensure it fits under the P2 cladding; revised design for the dome submitted for stress analysis to FEA (Finite Element Analysis) specialists, CIDEON, who’s report confirms that the design is satisfactory
  • Forged foundation ring corners manufactured
  • Regulator and pilot valve castings delivered
  • Superheater header cast and machined
  • Superheater elements being assembled
  • Smokebox assembled and trial fitted to the frames
  • Chimney cast and fitted
  • Boiler cladding manufactured and trial fitted to frames

Following on from this leap in progress, we would like to encourage those who haven’t yet joined The Boiler Club to help us fund the purchase of No. 2007 Prince of Wales’ most expensive component. We must reach our 300 members target in 2021.

The first of the two new boilers being assembled at DB Meiningen – A1SLT