The Pony (Truck) Club gallops ahead!

When we launched the first of our new mini-clubs in April we expected that it would be popular, but The Pony (Truck) Club quickly went from to a trot to a gallop with our initial target of 20 members passed within the first few days.

For your chance to ‘win’ your exclusive rosette, you can become a member of The Pony (Truck) Club here.

Recent progress by Daniela Filová and North View Engineering Services has been impressive, despite the restrictions imposed by the Covid-19 outbreak.  Reference to the CAD drawing will reveal where many of these components are destined to go on the completed truck.  Photos by Daniela Filová.

The pony truck cast iron crosshead bush.

Pre-machined pony truck components.

The tack-welded truck assembly.

A detailed view of the tack-welded components.

The cannonbox hornguides in place.