Assistant Engineer appointed at Darlington Locomotive Works

It has become increasingly apparent that with such impressive fundraising results for the new P2, the engineering function was struggling to produce manufacturing drawings fast enough to maintain progress. It had been anticipated at the outset that extra resources would be required as the build developed. The decision was taken last September to seek an Assistant Engineer to expedite production of drawings and, following a recruitment process carried out in collaboration with Teesside University, we are pleased to welcome Daniela Filova, from the Czech Republic, who started with us on 17th January 2018. For the last ten years Daniela ran her own live steam engineering and foundry business, producing small scale steam engines and historic electrical generators as well as aluminium, brass and bronze castings.  Assisting David Elliott, Daniela is making good progress with the manufacturing drawing for the cylinder covers and has also proved useful on the shop floor!

Daniela drives the Matterson jacks during the recent frame lift – David Elliott

Progress with the cylinder block CAD showing the valves in place – David Elliott

The block with the Kylchap blastpipes and cowls in place – David Elliott