Convention draw results

The hugely successful raffle was drawn at the Convention and we are pleased to announce the winners (who will also be contacted):
1st prize – 22002 Mr Atkins
2nd prize – 36884 Douglas Blades
3rd prize – 19344 Miss J Sandles
4th prize – 28569 Angela Brinkrian
5th prize – 37379 Peter Beale
6th prize – 26475 Rob Dixon
7th and 8th prize – 01868 J Scott and 29607 Andy Weaver
5 x P2 Books – 28182 Kirkland, 25237 Foakes, 39700 Mary Fransella, 20956 Nigel Lukowski, 24881 J R Sylvia Steele
Congratulations to all our winners, commiserations to those who didn’t and thanks to all of those who took part! Total raised £8661.00!