October update

All the frame stays we have are now permanently bolted in except for the front boiler support which shares bolt holes with the outside motion brackets.  Ian Matthews has continued to fit the remaining components for the footplating and splashers with permanent bolting advancing towards the middle of the engine from the back. The front sections will remain temporarily assembled until the cylinders and outside motion brackets are fitted.  All photos by David Elliott unless stated.


The raised platform over the cylinders


Ian Matthews sets up a footplate closure panel behind the cylinders


The cab has been finally riveted together


The smokebox was assembled for the Convention


Buffers, chimney and whistle were added – Mandy Grant


The whistle has been made with movable stops for each of the three chambers and a temporary top with adjuster screws. When a suitable opportunity arises, we will use the chime whistle pad on Tornado to tune the whistle to the pre-war tone of C, F and A flat on 250 psi steam.  The castings for the steam stand, its valve castings and the blower valve have now been delivered .


The pony truck and Cartazzi axles arrived near the end of September


Unilathe machined the crank axle webs from the forgings made by Somers Forge – Mandy Grant


The leading brake stay (which is the last of the large frame stays) is due for delivery imminently by North View Engineering Solutions in Darlington after which it will be permanently bolted in place.


The superheater header has also been ordered, modifying the Tornado pattern to allow for the two anti-vacuum valves on the P2 header. These pattern modifications are reversible such that in the future, castings for either loco can be produced.