Smokebox and smokebox door assembly

The smoke box is making good progress with the covers for the superheater and anti-vacuum valves being made and fitted. Work is well advanced on making and fitting the smokebox door details including the hinges, centre boss, lamp bracket, door knob and handrail. Curved plates have been delivered for reinforcing the lower part of the barrel, and to make the distinctive smoke lifting plates.  With the door fitted the smokebox was placed on the frames for a visit by the Gresley Society (who are sponsoring the smokebox) Photos by Bob Hughes and David Elliott.

06251611 - Smokebox superheater and anti-vacuum valve covers DE  06211601- DLW - Bob Hughes06211605 - DLW - Bob Hughes  06211606 - DLW - Bob Hughes  06211607 - DLW - Bob Hughes  06211608 - DLW - Bob Hughes

07011601 - Smokebox on frames DE