12141503 Pony truck top centre trial fit DE

 The pony truck centre stay is trial-fitted to the frames – David Elliott

01121601 Hornblocks nearing completion at Multi Tech DE

Hornblocks nearing completion and ready for fitting – David Elliott

01121602 8 tender wheels following proof machining DE

Eight machined tender wheels – David Elliott

01121603 Pony truck and Cartazzi wheels follwing proof machining DE

Machined pony and Cartazzit truck wheels – David Elliott

01151602 Cab trial fit DE

Cab trial fitted to the footplate – David Elliott

01231603 DLW Mandy Grant

Drilled and profiled tender frames – Mandy Grant

02081603 DLW Tony Lord

Splashers taking shape – Tony Lord

02081602 Splasher DE

The splasher viewed from the underside – David Elliott