In addition to those components being machined at Multi-Tech, William Cook Cast Products, principal sponsor of No. 2007, have been busy churning out castings, some produced using patterns for components in common with Tornado.

06181501 Cooks front frame stay and boiler support DE

The front frame stay and boiler support – David Elliott

06181507 Cooks coupled cannonbox top DE

A coupled wheelset cannon box (note the A1 tag!) – David Elliott

06181508 Cooks coupled cannon box top and 4 axlebix tops DE

The other half of a cannon box and axlebox tops – David Elliott

06181513 Cooks 3 coupled axlebox bottoms DE

Coupled axlebox bottom castings – David Elliott

06181514 Cooks coupled axlebox bottom on measuring table DE

A coupled axlebox bottom on the measuring table at Cooks – David Elliott

06181509 Cooks coupled wheels DE

It’s a wrap!  Machined wheelsets ready for tyre fitting – David Elliott