Tyres for Prince of Wales have been ordered from Ringrollers in South Africa via Railway Wheelset and Brake Ltd. William Cook Cast Products have sent the coupled wheels to Pattinsons for proof machining.

02031501 8 coupled wheels at Pattinsons Sheffield DE

02031502 Wheel on borer 1 DE

02031503 Wheel on borer 2 DE

The eight driving wheels at Pattinson Engineering – David Elliott

The 24 frame castings delivered from William Cook Cast Products at Sheffield in the L Hunt & Sons Ltd P2 liveried curtain-sided trailer to Multi-Tech Engineering at Ferrybridge and North View Engineering Solutions at Darlington where machining has started.  Multi-Tech is also proof machining the pony truck, Cartazzi and tender wheel centres.

A further order for expanded polystyrene patterns for the next batch of steel castings has been placed on Baker’s Patterns at Telford for the pony truck top centre casting (this fits to the frames in front of the cylinder block and carries the loads from the frames into the pony truck), the front boiler support which is another modified item derived from Tornado to enable the boilers to be interchangeable between Prince of Wales and Tornado. Also two patterns for the distinctive Spencer Moulton double spring buffers have been ordered. These will be sent onto William Cook Cast Products at Sheffield who will be manufacturing the next batch of steel castings which as well as the above items include the coupled wheel and Cartazzi cannon and axleboxes (which are the same as those on Tornado and therefore can use Tornado’s patterns) and the three piston crossheads