We can now bring you an image of the first wheel casting after it had been broken out of the mould at William Cook Cast Products.  We are also pleased to say that Darlington Locomotive Works is ready for the frames thanks to sterling efforts by Mick, Andy and the volunteers. This is just as well as the frames were loaded on to the lorry at Boro’ foundry yesterday and due at DLW between 8.00 and 9.00 today!  The Cartazzi outer frames and main frame doublers will be collected on Friday.  In the meantime the first paint has been applied – to the doublers over the slots for the Cartazzi axle in the main frames – see picture.
07091401New P2 wheel 2 cleanedDE
The first steel casting for Prince of Wales!  This will now be NDT tested and machined – David Elliott
07091402Loading frames at BoroDE
The frames are loaded on to a lorry at Boro’ Foundry for delivery to Darlington – David Elliott
07091403DLW ready for framesDE
Darlingto Locomotive Works has been cleared to receive the frame plates – David Elliott
07091404Ian Matthews paints the first frame componentDE
Ian Matthews, responsible for keeping Tornado pristine, paints the first frame components – David Elliott